Rewards FAQ

What is “Apex Rewards”:

Apex Rewards is a reward-based loyalty program for Apex customers. It provides members the opportunity to discover and win many exciting rewards and exclusive benefits all while earning loyalty points.

How can customers register for Apex Rewards Program?

Customers spending Tk. 1,700 or above are eligible for membership. Valid name and mobile number are mandatory for registration.

How many membership tiers are there for Apex Rewards Program?

There are four membership tiers for the program.

  • Regular: Customers spending 1700-2499 yearly are eligible for Regular membership.
  • Silver: Customers spending 2500-7499 yearly are eligible for Silver membership.
  • Gold: Customers spending 7500-14999 yearly are eligible for Gold Membership.
  • Platinum: Customers spending 15000 and above yearly are eligible for Platinum membership.

Customers will get 100 welcome bonus points when they register to Apex Rewards Program for the first time.

New Loyalty Structure
Tier Entry Point Points per 200 taka Spent
Nil N/A 0
Regular 1700 1
Silver 2500 2
Gold 7500 4
Platinum 15000 5
MTB Platinum 15000 5

What is MTB Platinum Tier?

Platinum members with MTB credit cards are eligible for MTB Platinum membership. Once they register as MTB Platinum members, they will receive a 2000 Tk. welcome cashback. On top of this, they are also eligible for all benefits reserved for platinum members.

Can customers register from Discount stores & Franchisee stores?

No, they can register from retail stores only.

How can members earn points?How can members earn points?

  • Regular members can earn 1 point for every 200Tk. purchase
  • Silver members can earn 2 points for every 200 Tk. purchase
  • Gold members can earn 4 points for every 200 Tk. purchase
  • Platinum members can earn 5 points for every 200 Tk. purchase

What is the value of points and how can members use them?

1 point is equivalent to 1 taka. Members can redeem points while they are shopping unless stated otherwise.

How many points can be redeemed at the maximum per transaction?

2000 points can be redeemed per transaction at a maximum.

What is the minimum number of points that can be redeemed per transaction?

A minimum of 100 points can be redeemed at a time.

What is the validity of points?

Points will be valid for 1 year only unless otherwise mentioned. Validity may be different for special campaign points which we will communicate with customers separately.

Can members redeem as many points as they want?

Yes, but points need to be redeemed in multiples of 50 and a minimum of 100 points per transaction, and a maximum of 2000 points per transaction can be redeemed.

Will members receive an OTP during redeeming their points?

Yes, members will receive an OTP SMS. The OTP will then be verified by the cashier.

Can members redeem points at any outlet?

Members can redeem points at any Apex outlet. Discount outlets and discount products are not under Apex Rewards Program.

Can birthday/anniversary coupons be redeemed on discounted products?

No. Any coupon, unless stated will not be applicable on discounts or another ongoing campaign.

What are the other deliverables from members to redeem points?

Members must provide their mobile numbers at the cash counter to earn & redeem points against their purchase(s)

Is there a welcome gift for new members when they join?

Yes, when a member joins for the first time, they receive 100 welcome points.

When a new member joins, will he get points for every 200 taka purchases on the same purchase or from the next purchase?

The members will get the points from the same purchase. For example, if a member joins the program with a purchase value of 1700 taka, they will get 8.5 points (1700/200) along with 100 welcome points. His total points will be (100 + 8.5) 108.5 points.

How will point allocation work when members upgrade from one tier to another tier?

Members will get points as per the tier they are members of. Whenever their purchase value matches with a tier’s minimum entry point, they will start getting points according to the respective tier’s point allocation method.

For example, Silver members (entry point 2500 Tk.) get 2 points every 200 Tk. and Gold members (entry point 7500 Tk.) get 4 points every 200 Tk.

If a customer who is a silver member, who has already purchased 6000 Tk. in a year, makes a 4000 taka purchase on his next transaction to upgrade to Gold member, for 1500 Tk. (7500-6000) he will get 2 points per 200 Tk. spent and for the rest of 2500 Tk. (4000-1500) he will get 4 points per 200 Tk. spent since at this point he became a Gold member.

Will points be issued on discounted products?

No. If in one invoice, there are 2 items, and one of them is at a discounted price, points will be issued only on the non-discounted item. The point will be not be issued against the discounted product.

Can Points be redeemed against discounted products?


Will points be issued from an online purchase?

Points will be issued for online purchases but in this case, customers have to make their purchase from

Can people redeem points from an online purchase?

Yes, if they purchase from

Can Apex Footwear employees register for ‘Apex Rewards’?

Apex Footwear employees cannot register for ‘Apex Rewards’.

Details can also be found at this link:

Can people redeem their points from the Franchise store?

Yes, customer can redeem their point from the Franchise store.