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Offers from Fitness Plus Gym

Offers from Fitness Plus Gym

Fitness Plus Gym delivery of a quality program that has been researched to optimize individual movement abilities and goals. Through a developmentally appropriate, safe, fun, and positive atmosphere, we promote positive self-esteem, energy, determination, personal goal setting, and teamwork. The basis of our fitness agenda follows the nation’s five fitness components: 1) Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, 2) Muscular Endurance, 3) Muscular Strength, 4) Flexibility, and 5) Body Composition. Our environment stimulates the child’s overall quality of fitness and health/wellness through core strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, body awareness, coordination, and balance.

Their workout programs are professionally developed for success. Fitness Plus has clear expectations, quality instruction, a positive attitude, interest in the individual student, and the ability to provide engaging activities which are essential for student focus and motivation.

They actively promote an affirmative commitment to individual lifelong success.

Offer Details:

  • Flat 35% discount on all membership package for Apex Rewards Members.
  • And no charges claim for admission or registration fees for a lifetime for Apex Rewards Members.


Under the terms of this collaboration all eligible customers (Fitness Plus Gym Member) can avail of the discount facility as follows;

- Apex would like to give a 10% Discount up to 1000 taka, a maximum of 4 times a year on all Sprint products applicable for Apex own outlets for Fitness Plus Gym Members.


Eligible Customers: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Regular

How to Avail: If you are an Apex Rewards member, please call Apex customer care (Hotline-8809617223344) and collect the promo code to avail of the offer.


About Partner

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/FitnessPlusGulshan1

Contact/ Hotline/ Customer Care Number: +88 01611-504526