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Your first wallet signaled the beginning of your adolescence and provided you with authority to manage your finances appropriately. Men's wallets are possibly the most widely used accessory in the world. Everything from cash and debit cards to visiting cards, driver's licenses, and passport images can be stored.  

Drawstring leather purses were the first known money pouches, and they were used to store cash. Wallets for men became more popular in the West after the advent of paper cash in the 17th century. Wallets as we know them today were first developed in the 1950s. Since then, various varieties have been developed, including men's wallets in fabulous styles, leather wallets, Velcro fasteners, etc. In today's world, slim front-pocket wallets are fashionable.  

Apex offers a diverse selection of high-quality classic and contemporary men's wallets for purchase online from Apex, Maverick and Venturini. Choose your favourites and keep your basics organized.  

Men's two-fold wallets are available in a wide range of styles. Wallets made of colourful, fascinating patterns and prints are available in fabric, synthetic, and PU materials. When you go to college, tuck them into your jeans. Choose two-fold leather wallets for guys that complement the colour of your belts and watches; they're ideal for the office. With a separate fold for ID cards, other cards, and slide pockets, three-fold wallets let you keep ultra-organized.