About us

Bangladesh Biggest Chain Of Own Stores

The Apex retail chain was launched in 1997 to cater to the footwear needs of the Bangladeshi consumers. Since then Apex has sought to adeptly make use of their expertise in shoe-making, gathered through serving major shoe retailers all over the world to provide high quality and fashionable footwear to all.

Apex is committed to earning the highest level of respect of our customers, by adding value to our products and to enhance the customer experience by assuring a memorable and state of the art shopping atmosphere. With a separate factory for the retail chain, a central distribution centre and very own 250 retail outlets, Apex ensures that we are always near our customers.

Spread Across Bangladesh

Apex is the only retail chain to have stores in all 64 districts of Bangladesh with 254 own stores. They are designed to provide a standardised atmosphere for our consumers all over Bangladesh.

Service With A Smile

Our motto is to provide a world-class retail experience in Bangladesh, a professional but friendly salesforce works tirelessly to provide customers a memorable encounter with the most suitable product.